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About Us

The Assyrians, who have to migrate from their homeland to different countries of the world due to various reasons, have homesickness. They have intended to visit their homeland at every opportunity they found, and they tried to fulfill their homesickness. ; From the geographical point of view, as in the least the encountered distresses began to alleviate, the Assyrians who have reached certain positions abroad and become stronger economically have begun to make investments in their own Motherland. At the same time, even if it was in small numbers, some of the people gone repatriated after 2000s’.

Akitu Hotel exploitation was built by Assyrians with the economic gains obtained abroad. The aim is to help the people settling and native of the region and to try to break this homesickness at the least. According to this, you can find almost everything in this hotel, whose construction lasted in three years : Hotel, Wedding and Congress Hall, Meeting Room Cafe-Bar, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Sauna, A la carte restaurant etc. In this sense, we are the one and only in Midyat, among the numbered ones in the region.

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