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TELKARI: Telkari art, which is an Syriac art, has been kept alive in MİDYAT region for centuries. Usually filigree is made of silver, and sometimes gold. Hundreds of kinds of products emerge from filigree processing by turning silver plates into thin wire. Many products such as silver brooches, rings, bracelets, coves, cigarette holders, teapots, pitchers, coffee bottoms, trays and rosaries are made.

WOODEN ENVIRONMENT: Many hand made products made of wood are waiting for you.

BAKIRCILIK: You can find the rarest copper works. Besides your special designs, trays, teapots, tables, spoons are just a few of them.

TEST AND POTTERY: When you come to MİDYAT, you can find a wide variety of earthworks that you can say that this should be in my home.

STONE WORKING (CATORI STONE): You can see the samples of the katori stone, a stone unique to MIDYAT.

MİDYAT EMBROIDERY AND NEEDLE VOTE: Rare products that are the result of hand skills of our Midyat ladies are waiting for you.

SYRIAN WINE: You can taste the SYRIAN WINE, which is important for the Syriacs, in the land where the wine was born, red from the grapes of Kerkus and Kerkus, and white from the grapes of oxen and bosphorus.

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